ThermaClean Heating Oil
A cleaner-burning Home Heating Fuel


Now you can do something positive for the environment and protect your home’s heating system at the same time. ThermaClean* is our home heating fuel and it burns cleaner, with less smoke and soot deposits than regular fuel. It even smells cleaner than regular home heating fuel!

Independent research shows:

  • Immediate and continued improvement in combustion efficiency
  • Reduced waste of heating oil due to heat loss or inefficient combustion
  • Dramatic improvement in the cleanliness of heating systems

Switching to ThermaClean reduces emissions, reduces fuel consumption and increases corrosion protection for your oil tank. Help lessen the impact of home heating on the environment while prolonging the life of your furnace.

Quick Facts

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQs) about ThermaClean

How does ThermaClean work?
ThermaClean is specially formulated to burn cleaner and more efficiently than regular home heating fuel, thus reducing smoke, soot and corrosion.

Is it proven?
The technology behind ThermaClean has been widely accepted and in use throughout Europe since the early 1990s. Today, millions of homes in Europe benefit from similar cleaner-burning fuels.

What’s more, tests conducted by the world-renowned, independent laboratory TÜV in Germany showed a dramatic increase in burner cleanliness and efficiency when using the additives found in ThermaClean.

Keep in mind that ThermaClean was developed by Petro-Canada, the people who brought you SuperClean gasoline and WinterGas formulas for your automobile.

ThermaClean burns cleaner

When it comes to providing clean, environmentally responsible products and reliable service across the country, Petro-Canada and its local fuel suppliers are the people who truly understand the needs of Canadians – coast to coast.

Independent research showed:

  • Immediate and continued improvement in combustion efficiency.
  • Reduced waste of heating oil due to heat loss or inefficient combustion.
  • Dramatic improvement in the cleanliness of heating systems.


You’ve heard the expression 24/7? Well as far as I’m concerned, I know I can depend on you guys 25/8!!
– Curtis H, Elliott Lake

The people at New North are like old family friends…they’ve delivered our home heating oil for the past 15 years and I wouldn’t change a thing.
– Shirley B, Timmins

One call set up my automated delivery service. And that was 5 years ago. I’ve never worried, not a single day about it since.
– Jackie D, Sudbury

Furnace Not Using ThermaClean

Furnace Not Using ThermaClean*
*After 500 hours of severe test conditions

Furnace Using ThermaClean

Furnace Using ThermaClean*

What are some other advantages of using ThermaClean?

Reduced Emissions
When soot builds up inside your furnace’s heat exchanger and chimney, it prevents heat from being efficiently distributed throughout your home. But ThermaClean produces much less soot than regular heating oil. It can extend the life of your heating system.

Reduced Fuel Consumption
Because it burns cleaner and more efficiently with less wasted heat, a furnace using ThermaClean may burn less oil than with regular oil – saving you money over the long term.**

Protect Your Oil Tank
Did you know that oil tanks can corrode from the inside out? ThermaClean also helps protect your oil tank because we’ve added an anti-corrosive ingredient that coats your tank with a protective film.

**Actual cleaning results may vary based on type, age and condition of furnace and furnace components.

Quick Facts

10 Reasons to Feel Warm and Comfortable about Today’s Oilheat.

  1. How clean is clean?
  2. Check out the air quality.
  3. How efficient is efficient?
  4. What a new tank can do.
  5. Oilheat rates – Up or down?
  6. Get hot water. Faster.
  7. What a little equipment upgrade can do.
  8. Just how safe is oilheat?
  9. Why a hotter flame is better.
  10. Why we leave you feeling warm.

How clean is clean?
Ultra clean, near zero emissions. It’s true. Oilheat is a lot cleaner than it was 25 years ago. It’s become an efficiency leader in extracting energy out of fuel, translating into a soot–free, dirt–free, odourless environment for your home.
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Check out the air quality.
With improved air quality, you can breathe easier.
The oilheat industry has continuously decreased the amount of sulfur in fuel oil leading to lower emissions. And our commitment to air quality is only getting stronger.
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How efficient is efficient? 
Less fuel. Greater efficiency.
Today, oilheat appliances burn more efficiently than ever. Fuel is cleaner, increasing efficiency and extending the life of your appliance, saving you money.
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What a new tank can do.
Tanks. No worries.
Concerned about leaking tanks? Don’t be. Today’s state–of–the–art tanks are composed of corrosion resistant steel, fibreglass and polyethelene. This means a longer tank life and real safety.
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Oilheat rates – Up or down?
Consistent rates you can depend on.
The price of Oilheat is projected to rise at a lower rate than natural gas and electric energy. In fact, adjusted for inflation, the price of Oilheat hasn’t changed since the 1950s. Not many other energy sources can say that.
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Get hot water. Faster.
The “more–hot–water” heat.
Oilheat heats water twice as fast as typical natural gas and five times faster than electricity.
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What a little equipment upgrade can do.
Modern solutions for bigger savings.
Improving your furnace/boiler efficiency is easy and cost–effective.
You can save about 15% simply by downsizing your oil burner nozzle.
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Just how safe is oilheat?
Beautifully safe.
Today’s Oilheat is non–flammable, non–explosive and it poses a very low risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Why a hotter flame is better.
The hottest flame around.
Oilheat is the most comfortable heat. It burns hot, so you get heat fast to make you comfortable quickly. When it comes to heating efficiency, it’s better than natural gas, electricity, propane and every kind of home heat.
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Why we leave you feeling warm.
Local Oilheat professional, personalized customer service.
Oilheat professionals are your neighbours with deep roots in the community. So they’re always nearby. And with services like Automatic Delivery, you can be assured of having a ready supply.
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