Furnace inspections a must under new oil heat regulations

Comprehensive inspections are required for any oil fired appliance in your home. This includes your furnace, oil fired hot water tank, oil fired fire place ,space heater or boilers. Also a oil tank inspection has to be completed.

These inspections are now required under new regulations from Ontario’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). The new regulations will ensure that heating with oil remains one of the safest and most dependable home heating options. The dead line for completion of the comprehensive inspections was May 1,2006

This inspection is valid for 10 years after completion

Ontario’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority(TSSA) Website

Who is qualified to perform a Furnace Inspection? 

The specialists at New North Fuels can provide you with a list of qualified oil burner technicians in your area that will come to your home to perform your home heating inspection. Contact New North Fuels.

If you prefer, use the link below to find a heating contractor in your area.


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